Finding Freedom From Your Past Without Feeling Overwhelmed By The Future

One of the hardest things I have learned in life is how to remember the past without living in it, be present in the moment without neglecting consequences, and look to the future without obsessing over its possibilities (not that I have even fully learned this by any means).

It is so important to learn from your past but not let it rule you. Mistakes do not define a human being, they simply shape who we become by how we react. Learning to forgive what you have learned to forget (yes, those are definitely Bear’s Den lyrics) is necessary in order to control your past experiences, instead of letting them control you.

This can also have a different side. Some people try to re-live their past over and over again because it seems so much greater than their current situation. While it is good to hold onto good memories, we must learn to look at the present as an opportunity to create moments like those all over again, instead of simply re-living the old ones. A wise man understands that chasing after new adventures and experiences is far greater than living in past ones.

Living in the moment is something I strive to do every day. Although, while I do wish to be present and care free, I do not want to neglect the consequences of impulsive actions. It is important to think about how you speak and act before you do it, but loosen up and have some fun while you’re at it.

The one I struggle with most is not letting my future control me. I get caught up in all the possibilities and worries and I forget to just be glad where I’m at. I always seem to look to the future as if it will be significantly better than my present. So I hope for the future, and when that future that I was hoping for finally comes, I find myself hoping for the next future, not realizing that I am living in the future I so desperately hoped for before.

These times are relative. Everything is relative.

It is about perspective, about knowing where you stand and how you got there. And most importantly it is about knowing the One who got you there. Life is meant to be lived in the joyful present.

The secret to leaving your worries behind is to give them up to God. He will carry your burdens and lead you into light. Anxiety about the future or the past will ultimately lead to a restless heart, but if you give that anxiety up to Him and live in the freedom that He has his past and your future in His hands, you will live a much fuller life. A life of joy in the midst of uncertainty. Trust him, my friends, he’s got your back.

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